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At Beeswift, we spend time developing and structuring amazing products, including our new Glovezilla range.
Each glove comes with a retail ready header card. This strong robust card also adopts the same colour size chart
as the outer box and is 100% recyclable. Each card also comes with its own barcode making it easy for the retailer
to add to their existing system. By adding a colour size chart it is easy to determine which size of Glovezilla glove
you are purchasing. Easy to read titles on the front of the card, along with technical details for each glove, make
choosing the right product for the job simple. Translation of the titles and technical information on the rear of
the card make this product perfect for the European markets.

As a company, we are continuing our efforts to ethically source products and reduce waste, whilst producing
products that are fit for purpose and ready to retail. Our outer boxes are all recyclable and we have reduced
our ink coverage.

Glovezilla Nitrile Nylon Glove
Product Code: GZ103RE

• Microfiber knitting
• Single nitrile coating
• 18 gauge nylon
• Breathable
• Mixed spandex
• Oil and wet resistance
• High level abrasion resistance

• EN 388: 2016
• Level 3 - Abrasion
• Level X - Cut Resistance
• Level 2 - Tear Resistance
• Level 1 - Puncture
• Level A - ISO 13997 Cut Resistance