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Spill Control Absorbant Socks

• 20 Chemical absorbent socks in dispenser box.
• Safely absorb acids, alkalis and strong chemicals for easy clean-up of hazardous spills and leaks.
• Place at the base of leaking machinery to absorb leaks on contact and reduce the spread of contamination.
• Use to surround a spillage to prevent further spreading and absorb on contact.
• Absorbency: 80 litres
• Size: 8cm x 1.2 metres

• Absorbs oil, coolant, water and common workshop fluids.
• Environmentally friendly - recycled natural fibres.
• 8cm x 120cm
• Pack of 20
• Fits at base of machinery.
• Absorbs liquid on contact.
• Prevents leaks spreading into walkways.
• Conforms to BS7959

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