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Spill Control Absorbent Pads

• Double sided coverstock
• High absorbency of up to 1L per pad
• High strength when saturated.
• Extreme low lint capabilities compared to normal meltblown absorbents
• Units in Pack:200
• Size:50cm x 40cm
• Absorbency 1L Per Pad
• Absorbs: Oils

• Central perforation for easy tearing and maximum economy
• Safely absorb acids, alkalis and strong chemicals for easy clean up of hazardous spills and leaks
• Tough, hard-wearing, fine-fibre finish for use in industrial applications
• Ideal for bench-top use
• Absorbency: 100 litres
• Size: 40cm x 50cm

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads White
Product Code: OB100MF

• Absorb hydraulic oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, fuel and solvents.
• Hydrophobic properties give superior oil sorbency without taking on water.
• Can be used outsoors in wet conditions to absorb hydrocarbons.
• Strong wicking action for fast clean-up.
• Size 40cm x 50cm
• 100 pads per pack
• Absorbs 85 litres
• Conforms to BS7959

• For use on oil, fuel and solvents
• Plain finish for maximum economy
• Strong wicking action
• Absorbs liquids quickly
• Reduces clean up time
• Water repellent properties
• Absorbs hydrocarbons without absorbing rainwater
• Ideal for easy clean-up of everyday spills and leaks
• Fits easily under and around machinery
• 50cm x 40cm
• Pack quantity: 200

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